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Guitar Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your Sheeran guitar is essential for keeping it in top condition and ensuring that it performs to the best of its ability.   Regular care, controlled humidity storage and the occasional check over by a qualified luthier will help to keep your guitar in great working order.

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your guitar is to keep it clean. A great deal of attention and care goes into each and every Sheeran guitar and the unique finish is no exception. This involves wiping the guitar down regularly with a clean, dry soft cloth to remove dirt and oils from your fingers. 

Regular cleaning will prevent build-up of sweat and grime as well as remove any potentially harmful chemicals to keep your guitar looking great.

Pro Tip: Make a wipe down a normal part of your routine after every time you play and before you return your guitar to the case.  It's also a good idea to use a guitar polish to keep the finish looking shiny and new. 

Another important aspect of guitar maintenance is proper humidification. Acoustic guitars are made of wood, which can be affected by changes in temperature and humidity. To keep your guitar in top condition, it's important to keep it in a stable environment with consistent temperature and humidity levels. The safest place for the guitar when not in use is in the case.  You can upgrade to a hard case for even more control over the climate your guitar is stored in. You can also use a guitar humidifier to maintain a consistent level of humidity inside the guitar case.

It’s normal to want to keep your guitar out and available to play anytime.  When keeping your guitar outside the case, just make sure it’s not located next to a direct source of heat or cold.  Keeping it out of direct sunlight will help prevent excessive heat from the sun. 

Pro Tip: If your guitar is having an extreme change in temperature (like air travel or coming inside after being in a very hot or cold vehicle) just leave it in the case for a little while to settle at the new temperature before you take it out to play.

Finally, changing your strings regularly is an important part of guitar maintenance. Over time, guitar strings can become corroded and lose their tone. By changing your strings regularly, you can keep your guitar sounding its best.  Things like how often you play and how long the strings have been on your guitar will determine how frequently you need to change your strings.  

Pro Tip: Use restringing as the opportunity to care for your Sheeran guitar’s fine ebony fingerboard.  We recommend that you clean the fingerboard when re-stringing and use a fine, specially formulated fingerboard oil to keep it nourished and feeling great.

By following our guitar maintenance tips, you can keep your Sheeran Guitar in top condition and ensure that it performs to the best of its ability. Why not check out our range of guitar cleaning products below!


Our guitar care collection has everything to keep your guitar looking and sounding its best, from natural lemon oil fretboard cleaner to finish restorers and more.